Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Welcome, An Omission and the Beginnings of a Plan

First the welcome - we've been joined by Dave from the Laughing Ferret.  I must admit that the Laughing Ferret was one of the first wargaming sites I started following.  It's nice to have you here Dave.

The omission was in not pimping Pat G's website when he signed up -  Irr Wb (F).

The plan? 

Well, like the rest of the UK, I've not been painting figures lately.  In my case, it's not been because of the heat, but because it was giving me headaches.  A trip to the optician has confirmed that I need new glasses.  For the first time I've been given a prescription for close work ["At your age, it's harder for the lenses to reshape."  Cheers optical boy!].  So it seems I'll getting bi- or vari-focals. 

For that reason, I was working on terrain.  I bought some EVA sheets in The Works and have been making some very simple Middle Eastern buildings.  I'm wondering whether I should commit myself to doing a building a day next week.  By writing it down, I'm making a hostage to fortune...


  1. Like you I've been pottering around with some terrain ices, in my case trees! I've become wary about writing down targets that are too prescriptive, well with my concentration span it often leads to ruin!

    1. It must be the weather putting ices on the brain!

      I know what you mean - but I'm deliberately making a public target so I [i]have[/i] to fulfill it!

      Will you be writing the trees up on your blog? I'll be interested to see your technique. Me, I bought a bag of railway trees in the ModelZone sale.

      Given the work you produce, I can't imagine you having concentration problems.

  2. Thanks :)

    Terrain building is always fun. I haven't done any in a long time myself, but finally got a section of the garage cleared away as a small terrain-area studio. problem is it is hot here too and no way do I want to spend any time in the garage in this heat!

    Looking forward to seeing the buildings you make

    I still have perfect vision and dread the day it starts to go.

  3. Our heat isn't much compared to where you are, I'm sure, but I could only take 15mins in the shed this afternoon.

    The 'building a day' plan is going well so far - two (carcasses) done. Painting and detailing will be done later.

    I assure you they're *very* simple constructs!


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