Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Hobby Round-Up

Wargamers Bloggers' Quarterly

The second number of this free e-zine is now available.  It's produced as a labour of love by a group of wargaming bloggers and I can only stand amazed and impressed with the amount of work and cat-herding that must be involved in putting together such a quality piece of work.  The contributors and editor are to be congratulated.

I'm not going pretend I've read it yet. but it looks every bit as good as the first number.

If you think it is missing something or could be improved, why not put something together for Issue 3?

Analogue Painting Challenge

The nights are drawing in (here in the northern hemisphere anyway), so it must be time for another landmark in the online wargaming community: the Analogue Painting Challenge.  I've been looking forward to this!

Curt has announced this year's challenge with the theme of 'Anti-Heroes, Rogues and Vagabonds' (wonderful for a Pulp player!) and invited participation.  He's hinted at some changes and told us of a whole new range of prizes.  This year's bonus themes have already got me scratching my head.

I'd encourage anyone interested in taking part to do so.  Last year was the first time I'd entered and I enjoyed it greatly, having fun and learning a lot on the way.  Those interested in the leader-board aspect of it will want to know that some of the big-hitters have already indicated they won't be taking part.

This month must be...



  1. It's amazing what people do in the challenge. Especially some of the responses to the bonus rounds.

  2. Thanks for the shout out for WBQ2 Edwin mate!

  3. I'm going to assume Navember is your choice Mr. King.

  4. Navember? Sounds cool and very interesting. My old blog featured a Naval November that I haven't resurrected yet, unfortunately ... Job for today.


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