Sunday, 9 November 2014

100K Up!

Just a quick post to note that the blog counter passed the 100,000 mark this afternoon (in part due to a peak of interest in Admiral Sir Christopher Craddock this weekend).

I probably won't do a give-away just yet (it's not too long since I did the last one), but I'd like to thank everyone who has visited and those who have left comments since the blog was launched in Aug 2012.


  1. Congratulations, Edwin! Your blog is racking up visits at a very good clip because you have a lot of interesting stuff to discuss.

    Thank you!

  2. Quality blog, that's why. Well done!

  3. What fabulous news, many congratulations Edwin!

  4. Congratulations Edwin. Your blog has become one of my favourite places in the hobby, like a much loved pub, used book or curio store. Apparently others think so as well. :)


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