Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Round-Up

A rather dull week, I'm afraid...


You may remember me complaining three weeks ago about the non-appearance of the Daleks I'd ordered from BTD.  Well they arrived today.

I must say that, given the wait and what I'd paid with them, I'm a little disappointed - they're quite rough and will need quite a bit of tidying up.

So not quite the 'Oh Shiny!' response this time.

Charity Shop Haul

As if to compensate, I picked up some very cheap goodies in the Charity Shop...

Hm, a little to big for the painting table...

A shed tidy...

This weekend I need to close the shed down for the winter - putting the over-wintering plants in there after first getting out everything I need for the Painting Challenge.

More Dr Who

For those of you in the UK, 'The Pyramids of Mars' will be shown on the Drama Channel tomorrow afternoon.

They're working their way through the doctors - I saw Hartnell in 'The Aztecs' (which wasn't as creaky as I expected), missed Troughton and last week enjoyed Pertwee in 'Spearhead from Space'.


"Infamy!  Infamy!  They've all got it in for me!"

Very little news on the play-by-blog front.  Last week I was knocked out of Clint's 'Blood, Bilges and Iron Balls' game as three Spanish ships blasted away at HMS Inconsistant.  She made a good account of herself, but in the end I took too many damage points to the crew.

I enjoyed the game, and will certainly play BBIB again should the occasion arise.  Clint has done/is doing a splendid job in running such a fine table.

The state of my progress in The Padre's Diplomacy game is a top secret, but suffice it to say that the knives are out now and the blood is flowing...

R.W. has published his draft rules for his Old West game, and they're looking good.


  1. I'm tempted by some BTD soviets at the moment but I fear they won't be worth the effort.

    Alas I think it'll be cheaply to buy a platoon from scratch that to bulk out either of the half platoons from Artizan

    1. I did buy some of BTD's Russians recently and they were nice enough (and arrived quickly). The prob with the Daleks was apparently that they had to be restocked from the States.

    2. I have a large number of the WWII Germans, Americans, and British. To me, the figures are terrific.

      Edwin, that is an interesting anecdote regarding your UK order having to be restocked from the USA. When my BTD USA orders are back ordered, the reason given is that it must be restocked from the UK!

    3. That is interesting Jonathan! lol

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the Daleks Edwin, but I'm sure with a little love you'll get them up and running - so to speak.

    1. They're not *too* bad - I'm just in a bit of a grump about them!

  3. I'm waiting for the Painted Daleks ! with all the researches you have done about the colours, they can be only good !
    my daughter is following (streaming I think...) all the new episodes of Dr Who.... she seems to like the new one.

  4. Regarding your BTD UK order, hopefully, you will be move pleased with the models once you have some paint on them? I hope so!

    I order from BTD USA frequently and sometimes order turn-around can be slow but communication is always good. My latest order, placed mid-OCT, arrived this week but only a partial shipment made it. I await the remainder soon. The lead ALWAYS shows up, though.

  5. Hello Edward sorry to hear the Daleks are so rough. Pyramids of Mars is one of my all time favorite episodes as Tom Baker was the first doctor to air here in America so American's of my age know him simply as the Doctor. You put on a good show at see captain King tough luck to get out numbered like that.

    1. Thanks.

      Baker is 'my Doctor' too. The Wife, being a bit older, favours Pertwee...

  6. I've always loved Tom Baker's Doctor, though I confess my favourite is Peter Davison's, as I was a young and callow grad student in the Davison era and some said resembled him a bit. My Davison Victorian cricket costume was always a favourite at Halloween parties.
    Yes, the knives are out now indeed.

  7. I was a member of the Oxford University Doctor Who Society (which then lapsed and was relaunched in 1989) and we used to have all the Doctor Who actors to a dinner once a year! I used to watch the Tom Baker ones in the Junior Common Room every Saturday with my girlfriend, who was a big fan! Pyramids of Mars is one of my favourites! Looking forward to seeing the Daleks, although good luck in painting them!


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