Monday, 24 November 2014


A new purchase...


  1. Isn't that the Holy Grail of Wargaming?

    1. As a bit of a mad collector of all things Featherstone I'd say no, not really. It's a nice enough tome certainly, but it's more of a coffee table book. Being a "complete" book on wargaming it touches the surface of a lot of things but doesn't go into great depth on any. Just my 2c worth....

    2. I think you've the kernel of an interest post there - what ten wargaming books (as opposed to rules) would a mad collector want?

    3. So if you could one Featherstone, which would it be and why?

    4. Like every list of the top ten anythings that's going to be open to interpretation. I guess mine would go something like this (in no particular order)...

      Wargames, Featherstone
      Advanced War Games, Featherstone
      The War Game, Grant
      Wargame Tactics, Grant
      The Ancient War Game, Grant
      Charge! or How to Play War Games, Young
      Setting up a Wargames Campaign, Bath
      Little Wars, Wells
      How to Play War Games in Miniature, Morchauser
      Napoleon's Campaigns in Miniature, Quarrie

      Let the arguments begin! :-)

    5. @Mr Awdry it is Wargame Campaigns.

      We don't play enough campaigns as gamers as a general rule and so we don't appreciate any of the logisitcal, strategic or other complications (and fun) that goes along with it. Battles are more often than not fought in isolation with no thought to keeping your force viable for tomorrow, resting tired troops, etc. etc. etc.

      Note I didn't include that in my top ten but only because it isn't a "popular" choice. I think it's the best of his books.

    6. Now this is where my naivety starts to come home to roost, insomuch as have yet to read any of those, although I recognise a lot of the titles - that said they will now be on a wish list of sorts, thank you.

    7. Feel free to peruse my LibraryThing. It lists my collection and my wishlist. Something like 100 in total.

    8. Wow! What a resource, I shall certainly be having a closer look at that, thank you!

    9. Won't argue with the list, but I gave away three of those titles and had to buy them again. :O/

    10. Top Ten Wargames books is an interesting survey. Michael, your list is definitely Old School. My Top Ten might look quite different!

    11. @Jonathan Freitag probably because I'm old myself and did once go to school...

  2. Good to see that you feed your own addictions as well as others' addictions.

  3. I knew there'd be no keeping Millsy away from this topic, Featherstone is like grognard catnip!
    ; )

  4. That's a book I'd love to have for my own collection.


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