Thursday, 27 November 2014

Shiny! Shoes

Last week the charity shop provided a Gaming Hat, which tickled many of you.

This week it came up with Shoes...

Sadly, they don't fit me.  Happily, they fit The Wife.

So I don't think she'll let me fill them with tobacco and keep them on the mantelpiece...


  1. I love them and thanks to your last past I now have a Wargaming hat of my own!

  2. I agree with Edwin, Michael, we need photos.
    I have always approved of friends who require that players wear silly hats at their games. I had never considered the idea of silly shoes as well, though I must say, the idea of filling a show with pipe tobacco has a certain charm to it.

    1. It's part of my Turkish drive...

      There's a photo of the hat on Michael's blog - a very nice British Foreign Service pith helmet.

  3. Years ago I worked at a place where there was a mechanic called Shiney Shoes. The joke was that he was such a shortar** that the bottom of his overalls kept his shoes polished. He had a mate known as Flat Knees because he was alwaus creeping to the workshop manager. Great place to work actually ;O)

  4. Is that a Magic Carpet they are on? :) cheers


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