Thursday, 13 August 2015

While on a Holiday Theme...

We continued our extended tour of A&E facilities in the East of England by spending three hours in Addenbrookes.

A truly delightful spot

It turns out that for the last week The Wife has been walking around on a broken foot (shades of Bert Trautmann but without the Iron Cross).  She's now been fitted with an NHS Boot.

On other fronts...

The 'What Shall I Read Next?' poll stands as follows

All I can say to those who have said that Mallowan's Memoirs is the only option that allows for any gaming is that they have obviously never played the 'Catch the Pope' scenario in Pulp Alley...


  1. Very sorry to hear about your wife. Spending time in Emergency on holidays - been there, done that, not fun.

    1. Oh it's nothing serious - no comparison to Mdme Padre. But thank you. I'll pass on your best wishes.

      And frankly, we're used to A&E - this was a short stay for us! (Sarah packed her toothbrush!).

  2. Don't the NHS award Iron Crosses? Cutbacks I suppose...

  3. Will there be a tourist guide about your "tour of A&E facilities in the East of England", published by Diplomatist Books?

    Have to admit that the best hospital we had was the military hospital. No waiting or messing about - in and out, all seen to by MoD staff. But they've now closed it - they don't even operate the 'clap clinic' there anymore, and I heard that that place was always full on a Monday morning!

    1. Quickest we ever went to was Whitby. About 7.00 on a Friday evening and we were the only ones there - you could almost hear the tumbleweed blowing down the corridors!


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