Friday, 14 August 2015

A Mixed Day

I had quite an annoying morning thanks to a pharmacist who wouldn't fill a prescription for The Wife's meds (she takes about 15 a day).  This was on the grounds that said pharmacist "would be out of pocket" if she ordered a month's supply but only issued a week's worth.  She was therefore pestering my GP to issue a different 'scrip.  So what if The Wife ended up with more pills than she could take?  Never mind, the NHS would foot the bill...

So, resisting the temptation to go into The Eagle for a few glasses of something fruity, I decided to ignore my resolution to avoid the bookshops.  I picked up some interesting titles in the always-reliable David's (still going despite his perennial complaint that King's College is about to do something unpleasant about his lease) and later in the afternoon went to the second-hand bookshop the National Trust runs in the stables at Wimpole Hall.  The volunteer running the shop was a little taken about to encounter someone asking for a box to put his books in rather than a bag!

Nice stables


  1. If life gets you down buy more books - sounds like a plan to me Edwin.

  2. How big was the box!? :)

  3. I'm operating a self imposed embargo on book purchases, but it's not too difficult to enforce as we haven't got any second hand book dealers within striking distance and barely more bookshops (I haven't counted Waterstones as a bookshop for a long time now).

  4. That is a nice stable. I did a quick read on Wimpole, was interested to see the Kipling connection.
    A box - respect! That's buying books like a boss.

  5. Which one did my book come from? ;)


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