Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Nosferatu can be best described as NOT-Dracula.  When the film was made (1921) a few details were changed to make it different from Bram Stoker's story - not enough though!  In a very early example of intellectual property rights being applied to the cinema, Stoker's estate sued.  The studio went bankrupt and all prints of the film were ordered to be destroyed.   Fortunately some survived, and the film is now recognised as a masterpiece of German Expressionism as well as having provided some genre-defining images.
Max Schreck, 1921
Kinski, 1979
The film was remade by Werner Herzog in 1979 as Nosferatu the Vampyre, with Klaus Kinksi in the title role and there was even a very funny 'making-of' film Shadow of the Vampire made in 2000, featuring Jonn Makovich, Willem Dafoe and Eddie Izzard.

Defoe, 2000
These three films are among my wife's favourites, so when I spotted a pack of Nosferatu at a recent show I snapped it up.  They're 28mm from West Wind and come as a pack of four (I've just realised that, and need to find the fourth!).

So, in true genre fashion, I've left the big reveal until quite late...


  1. Coincidentally, today Young Henry decided to open a (long!) discussion about vampires!It began with a brief chat about fish and sea food and then Whitby, ergo, Dracula. Surprising amount of knowledge for a four and a half year old whose enquiries showed the gaps in the knowledge of a sixty two year old :O(

    Stuck with Bela Lugosi and Christpher Lee and Bram Stoker, via Vlad Tepes and the Turks and steered well away from Nosferatu. He now wants to see a variety of vampire films. He isn't going to see any, but now I want to see the original Nosferatu again and the Werner Herzog version. What is the attraction with vampires?

    BTW, Little H also has a puzzling (probably ought to be disturbing) level of knowledge about werewolves. Had a chat with Mum, Dad and Nana and the mystery deepens :O/

  2. Nicely done Edwin, I must get some of these. One of my favourite films too, the imagery still sends shivers down my spine.

  3. Great figures. I really like the music from the Herzog remake and where the film was shot.


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