Monday, 29 February 2016

Deep Sea Divers (and 600 Up!)

For the latest bonus round - Nautical - of the painting challenge I splashed out on a set of Victorian Divers from Foundry (actually, Casting Room Miniatures).  It's a set I've had my eye on for some time, so I was pleased for the excuse to get and paint them up.

It seems I wasn't alone!  Two other members of the challenge submitted figures from this pack - and completely outclassed me along the way!

Nevertheless, I'm quite pleased with them.  They are nice, characterful figures that took quite nicely to paint.

To me, these divers bring up a couple of iconic images.  The first is John Wayne and Ray Millard grappling with each other and battling a giant squid/octopus*

*SPOILER ALERT:  It's often said that 'The Cowboys' was the first film in which Wayne was killed - not so, in 'Reap the Wild Wind' two divers go down to the wreck and only one returns!

But for me Herge will always be the master*, so I thought I would see what I could steal do by way of homage.

*No, not The Master - that's Roger Delgado

Sadly, my rushed photography in advance of the deadline hasn't done them justice*, but I think you get the idea that the Haddock has worked quite well.  Tintin's quiff hasn't survived the diving helmet.  I think he looks more like River Phoenix!

* What PeterD called my 'choice of sepia tones' in presenting the Nosferatu figures! lol.

This is my 600th published post.  Having posted about the death of Robert Audin yesterday has made me realise how much I have gained from blogging and how much I value the contacts I have made thereby.  Thank you for your company and your comments.  There may be prizes...


  1. Happy 600! That's an achievement to be proud of/ According to a report by The Office of National Statistics I should be about 102 when I hit that number of posts. Watch this space (but don't hold your breath).

    You're dead right about the John Wayne 'death'. I did a double check as it always perks a film up when old Marion coughs it. "Truly this man was the son of God" is often misattributed. John Wayne did say this, but he was looking in the mirror at the time and not pretending to act in The Longest Story Ever Told.

  2. Great figures - sadly my set was painted before the competition

  3. I like your diver work and the photography lends a bit of period feel to me.

    As for 600 posts, CONGRATULATIONS! My own blog just passed that milestone too. I echo your thoughts on the positive outcomes from stamping one's thoughts onto the blogosphere.

  4. Outclassed! Nonsense, wish I thought of using the bits of aquatic plants and the homage to Herge was inspired.

    1. And many congratulations on the splendid milestone!

  5. Congrats on the milestone and lovely divers :)

  6. Congratulations, Young Edwin - I like the divers - how do you get the paint to dry underwater...?


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