Monday, 8 February 2016

Terrain Tuesday #12

Sadly, my intention of submitting my Gurt Big Castle for the Defensive Terrain round of the Painting Challenge came to naught.  However it is primed, so we might see it in future terrain updates.

First up this week is a nice resin piece that I got in a box set with some other terrain and snake-warriors.  I really don't remember the manufacturer.

I've used it in the past in Lost World and Dino-Hunting games.  But now need not feel worried about its resin-y nakedness.

Secondly, another ancient damaged statute.  This time more Frostgrave-y.

The statute itself is one of the large plastic kit-figures that came with Doctor Who Adventures in Jan 2014 (oddly enough, they've got around to using them again for the current issue).  The plinth I picked up more recently.

In other news...

My entry for the L'Amour bonus round of the challenge will feature terrain, so there's that to look forward to.


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