Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Dr Who Wednesday #13 - BREAKING NEWS!

Warlord Games have just announced that pre-orders are open for their first Doctor Who figures
Last year we announced that Warlord Games have secured the licence to produce a miniatures game based on the BBC's enormously popular TV series, Doctor Who. Since then we've been tirelessly researching episodes both new and old, sculpting miniatures and working back and forth with the BBC to ensure the results are completely authentic. 
The licence covers not just the latest series of Doctor Who but encompasses all of the Doctors, their companions and their foes, spanning more than fifty years - so look out for long scarves and jelly babies as well as sonic sunglasses! 
We are pleased to present the first releases available for pre-order. The models are high quality pewter castings, officially approved by the BBC. Our forthcoming range will also include plastic Daleks, Cybermen and Unit troopers, as well as many more pewter figures.
The first two sets are 10th Doctor and Companions and 12th Doctor and Companions each have five metal figures and are priced a £19.99.


  1. I thought that you'd like these!

    1. Yes, but I'm not sure that I do. I think the Crooked Dice ones are better sculpts.

  2. Not sure about them either, would really only be interested in a Tom Baker set, but Wilfred looks rather good.


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