Friday, 6 December 2019

The Other Side of the Screen

Well, I'm now a Dungeon Master!

As I mentioned on my post about Old School Essentials the arrival of Kickstarter loot has prompted me to run The Hole in the Oak.

Hole in the Oak is a sweet module to run for a novice DM.  It's very well laid out and everything ties in neatly.  I can't put it better than this review here.

Due to scheduling problems (and electrical problems at our favoured venue), I've not yet had a session with my regular gaming group.  But the ad hoc group I put together 'to practice on' (henceforth The Home Group) have had two.  And they claim to be enjoying it!  I certainly am.

I'm not going to give any spoilers, but suffice to say that they went in a completely different direction than I expected (both literarily and figurately).  The interaction have been great, and the way they are taking up 'clues' and plot hooks a pleasure.  Not being one to waste effort, I place the location near a version of the setting of Heybrook that I drew up for my solo games, and the party have been merrily interacting with the inhabitants.  And as the indications are that we're going to continue playing as a group, I've been planting the seeds for further adventures...

So, without question a positive experience!

Finally, two of the players are doodlers...


  1. Have fun Edwin! It’s always a good idea to practice on ones family first, if I’m interpreting h9me group correctly. Plus those are great doodles. I might be tempted to give samples to your away parties as found maps that height be useful, or maybe not.....

    1. Thanks Peter. Not family, but friends relately new to roleplaying. Interesting idea about the maps!


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