Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Gaming in Jun 2020

  • 5 Jun - Dark Sun (Online)
  • 15 Jun - ODD Sci-Fi (Online)
  • 19 Jun - Dark Sun (Online)
  • 28 Jun - ODD Sci-Fi (Online)

Call of Cthulhu: Forget-Me-Not

Episode 5 of this game - Armed and Dangerous -  is now on-line.  Our merry band gain access to weapons and cocaine, and of course end up killing a hobo.  This is one of the sessions from March which I couldn't make and therefore doesn't include my character.

Andy Goodman, the Keeper, discusses the experience of running the game here.

Dark Sun/Dying Star

5 Jun - The One With (Legalised) Highway Robbery and Frayne's Undead Army.  Written-up here.

The second part of our journey to the city of Tyr carrying a secret message of the upmost importance.  We encountered extortionate elves and an army of the undead.

19 Jun - The One With Politicians, Stabby the Retainer and Sacks with Legs.  Written-up here.

We deliver our message to the Tyr rebels (who turn out not to be Men of the People) and discover that people aren't to be trusted.

ODD Sci-Fi

14 Jun - A Quick Meet-and-Greet Job (Part 2).  Written-up here.

This saw the completion of our crew's first job, with a confrontation with the forces of law and order on the final frontier.  Two of our other crewmates joined us (only for one to be killed).

28 Jun - Into the bowels of Christopher Hemsworth

In which we do a quick smash-and-grab on an ancient colony ship only to find space-cannibals and a crazed-AI.


  1. I shall listen to the Forget-Me-Not sessions with interest; not only to hear your dulcet tones, but I love listening to how other groups got on with scenarios I've played.

    1. I can't imagine anyone else played quite like we did!


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