Monday, 15 June 2020

800th Post: Posts Don't Mean Prizes!

For some reason a post I made almost five years ago called 200th Post: Posts Mean Prizes is consistently among the most viewed each week.  Now, why do you think that would be?

Perhaps because of the cool meme.

It's interesting to me to note when that post was made the blog was less than a year old - 200 posts in 11 months!  Those were different days, in which I had a tight publishing routine that I'd set myself.

Well, it now just under eight years old and this is the 800th post.


  1. We'll it would appear that a birthday celebration is in order!

  2. That is a staggering number Edwin, bravo Sir.

    1. You've been going as long as I have surely? What number are you up to?

      But it's quality, not quantity that counts!


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