Sunday, 30 August 2020

Gaming in Aug 2020


  • 16 Aug  - The Tonisborg Dungeon (on-line)
  • 23 Aug - Call of Cthuhlu (face-to-face)
  • 26 Aug - Blackmoor (OSE) (on-line)
  • 29 Aug - Dark Sun (on-line)
Original D&D - The Tonisborg Dungeon

I discussed this one-shot briefly here.

Call of Cthuhlu
  • 23 Aug

This was by way of a birthday treat.  It was my first face-to-face session in over six months, and it felt great!  I introduced 'the Home Group' to Call of Cthuhlu, playing the 'Edge of Darkness' module from the 7th Edition Starter Set.  

It went down very well.  After a couple of false starts with unecassary intimidation (and "I shoot the nurse!") the group got settled into the idea of investigation and spent a lot of useful library time.  We got much further into the scenario than I expected - I'd thought that it might take three sessions (if they wanted to go on past the first), but they're more than half-way through and are planning the next.

In prep for the next session I've statted up a NPC who they had dealings with as a spare in case of character death (I may also do a second, just in case).

It was also the first time I'd been Keeper in a Call of Cthuhlu game, something I'd been looking formward to.  I must have been doing something right - the mother of one of the players claimed that she had nightmares!

Blackmoor (OSE)
  • 26 Aug
The first session of this Blackmoor-based old-school game saw us mapping on behalf of the the Tunnel Fighters Guild of Booh.  I got to play a cleric of my favourite petty god - King 'Shroom.  Dozens of giant rats and goblins were encountered.

Dark Sun/Dying Star

  • 28 Aug - The One With the Tortured Templar and the Vegan Undead

This was our last session in this setting for a while as Dave focusses on the Blackmore/OSE.  I've missed the last few (three?) sessions, so had a bit of catching up to do.  We continued on our mission(s) in the Ziggurat of Tyr.  Torturing a Templar, defeating the Undead Guardians (50 of 'em!) and a couple of giant psychic centipedes.  Much fun was had!


  1. That's more than I'd get in, in a normal year.

    1. Lockdown has opened up a whole new vista of on-line gaming for me! If anyone is interested in looking for on-line RPGs, I'd recomend joing the Online Discord Dungeon -


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