Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Is It Really That Time Again?

It's hard to credit it, but it's time to sign up for the Christmas celebrations!

The Secret Santa

This is run by Cathy, partner of Ian of The Blog With No Name.

The idea is that she allocates you a target and you choose a gift of approx £15.00  value.  The target will have a blog and may or may not have published a wish-list.

You can sign up here

In 2014 The Kiwi sent me some Artizan cultists and a female explorer

The Santa Clause

This one is similar, but a little more involved (I freely admit to struggling with it last year).  The idea is to choose a figure or figures of £5.00 value and then paint them up for a fellow blogger.

It's run by Chris Stoesen of Wargamer's Odds and Ends.  The sign-up post is here.

Paul Smith sent me these in 2014


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