Friday, 18 September 2015

What Wizardry Is This?

A couple of parcels today, with some new goodies for Frostgrave.

First, I needed some spellcasters.  For what will be obvious reasons to some of you I've decided that I want my major wizard and apprentice to be Sigalists.  Accordingly, we have these two:-

As is only fitting, the Apprentice is carrying all the scrolls
And I thought that Sigalists would appreciate a mystic text as a treasure marker...

The grimoire and lectern are separate, but I'll put
them together
And then there were a couple more generic Wizards

Despite these pieces (from Midlam Miniatures) being very reasonably priced, I thought I would save myself some money by making my own treasure markers from bits and pieces.  

You'd have to be daft to buy some, wouldn't you?  Oh foolish me!

Within hours, Annie, The Dice Bag Lady posted to FaceBook that she was now stocking pieces from Ristul's Extraordinary Market.  I've seen their terrain in various on-line places, but I don't think I'd seen them for sale from a UK source before.

This is their Cursed Treasure pack:-

Photo doesn't do them justice

Which includes this piece, very reminiscent of a scene from the 1982 'Conan the Barbarian' film.

This was the first time I'd bought from either Midlam or Annie and I'd recommend them both.  Both had a very fast turn-around (I had Annie's parcel within 24 hours of ordering), despite not overcharging on postage.


  1. Nice pieces but really like the body on the treasure, very cool.

  2. Very nice. I'm very tempted by the Cursed Treasure myself! Look forward to seeing them all painted up!

  3. Cheers chap, look forward to seeing them posted up! - The Dice Bag Lady!

  4. Everyone loves new shinies and I can certainly testify to the quality of Midlan Mimiatures, now off to check the Dice Bag Lady'd store out.

  5. Nice. Reminds me of both Conan and also the Evil Dead movies.


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