Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Terrain Tuesday #6 (And Something New!)

OK, nothing spectacular, but proof that I've actually been doing something...

And looking at what I've done, some of you might hazard a guess at my latest purchase.


  1. Cool stuff, and much more lung-friendly than my wooden methods [I really should use a dust mask!]

  2. That's coming along very nicely Edwin.

  3. What is going on?

    Otherwise sensible men and women are rummaging through packaging material for stuff to recycle. Pots of PVA glue and bicarb are being mixed to make snow, which is being applied liberally to old Mordheim terrain... It's sweeping the blogosphere like a polar vortex of hobbycraft!

    I know this with the ironclad certainty of one who has been swept up in the blizzard of Frostgrave...!

    1. Well, that's my approach to terrain anyway - I'd like to get summat for nowt!

    2. This is also my own preferred method. I blame generations of frugal Northern ancestors.


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