Sunday 3 July 2016

Hostages to Fortune

This isn't going to be an interesting post, but I need to put a marker down.

I'm not one for doing 'end of the quarter round-ups' or having hobby targets, but June was a disastrous month for me hobby-wise.  A combination of health problems (the slightest being tennis elbow and up-coming root canal work) and work commitments (putting Diplomatist Books' back-catalogue onto a new platform) meant that I did absolutely nothing in that direction.

The only way out of such a slough is to set some targets.  There are two main ones - clear the deck and make a start on the hirdmen.

Therefore, but the end of the month I want to

  • get half-done terrain done
  • finish painting a unit of Sikhs
  • -do- some misc Dr Who creatures
  • -do- all the bloody Daleks
  • get the hirdmen off the sprues, stuck together and on bases
  • -do- various Big Men
By making hostages to fortune in a public declaration like this, I hope to give myself the kick needed to clear the decks,


  1. Hope the health issue clear up soon, Edwin. I need to give your new book site a dekko.

    1. I've not finished the switch-over yet - aiming for the end of the month.

      No that I'll turn away any orders in the meantime....

  2. Go for it Edwin! You can do it!



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