Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Terrain Tuesday #17

OK, as you'll remember my first goal for the month is it get rid of some of the half-done terrain that's lying around.

The Viking(ish) buildings were 90% finished, but there was some snagging that needed doing.  It's now done.  As I wrote in the last Terrain Tuesday (back on 31 May!).  This was a project that I enjoyed  a lot.  The test pieces having worked out, I'll be making some more buildings along the same line.  Having watched a tv programme on Viking settlements in Iceland and Newfoundland, I also want to have a go at some turf houses.  Watch this space...

Next up were adventures in dry-brushing.  

You may remember the Big Stone Head...

Well, he has kin...

Looking at them now, they don't seem to go together, but I assure you they came out of the same box!

Then there was this evil bugger, who I picked up in a charity shop...

And going back to stone heads, I've picked up a pack of Ristul's Extraordinary Market stone faces basing kit to add features to my terrain.  I do like Ristul's bits and bobs - though most are a little too High Fantasy for me.  You may, however, remember I have their cursed treasure.

Is it me, or do some of them look a lot like Benedict Cumberbatch?


  1. Edwin
    Good to see you getting a head in the world! I like the long house and am looking forward to your turf houses.

  2. Top left is definitely Sherlock Holmes! Great progress Edwin and a couple of ticks on the to-do list - well done that man.

  3. Half done terrain..... I have a shed full!
    I am looking forward to seeing BIG stone heads kin! It has got me thinking I wonder IF I can carve florist "Oasis" into the head of C'thulhu!?

  4. Good start Edwin! Real nice pieces of scenery!



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