Saturday, 20 July 2019


I wandered into the City yesterday and managed to pick up a couple of things.  Nothing special, but it's a long time since I bought any figures...

First up, I picked up my pre-ordered copy of the Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed starter set.  As I said in my ramble the other night, I've been feeling pulpy.

Hopefully I'll give it a go over the next few days.

I also popped into one of the shops that sells secondhand gaming stuff and picked up these

Anything by Pulp Figures is worth getting at less than half-price, so that was a no-brainer; the West Wind Arthurian figures (not a range I knew they did) will come in for D&D.

Also, spotted this morning on Facebook thanks to Christopher Sheets, is the fact that Cold War Miniatures have a half-price sale on some rather nice astronauts.  So I've ordered some of them.  At 32mm, they may be a bit large. but we'll see.

It's not a company I was aware of before.  They have a good range of Not Flash Gordon figures (with Mong's Men just in pre-order) and zombies.  I shall keep an eye on them.

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  1. Splendid! Cold War miniatures were some of the first to feature on my blog as I succumbed to the zombie invasion, but had looked back fro a while. Love the look of their 'not' Flash Gordon collection.


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