Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Competition Winners

One of our winners celebrates with a bottle of champagne and the world's
largest pain au chocolat
Yes, congratulations are in order.  I've drawn the winners for my 600th Post Competition.  If your name has been drawn, drop me a note with your address at  diplomatist2<AT>gmail<DOT>com.

Special Prize - Victorian Gothic books to Peter Douglas.

Prize 1 - Armageddon book to Fran

Prize 2 - British Battles to Jonathan Freitag

Prize 3 - Various pamphlets to Chris Stoesen.

Prizes 4, 5 and 6 - no takers!

Prize 7 - Hereward the Wake - as this was a popular one and I got several free at the Heward Wargames Show I drew two names - Joakim Strom and Michael Mills.

Prize 8 - Landrover kit to Conrad Kinch.

Prize 9 - Airplane kits to brownk29

Prize 10 - Spitfire kit to The Comoran


  1. Oh, most excellent! Email sent Edwin.

  2. Congrats to all the lucky winners :)

  3. Oh bravo one and all, lucky blighters!

  4. yay! I won me a not-viking :-)
    Thank you!

  5. What scale is that VW Bus, Edwin?

  6. Thank you very much Edwin. Hurrah!

  7. Great prize draw. Nice one Edwin! Congrats to the happy winners. cheers

  8. Cracking stuff! More lead! Thanks Edwin, much appreciated mate. I will be in touch directly. :-)

  9. Congrat's to all the winners!

  10. Thank you very much! :) And congrats to the other winners!


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