Friday, 2 October 2020

Blackmoor (OSE): No 3 - Vermin and Clockwork

Played online – 16 Sep 2020 

Dave is running games using Old School Essentials set in Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor.  Wednesday games have been the “main” quest of exploring the Under-Booh: Sunday games have been side quests. 

16 Sep 2020 Session: Centipedes and Rats 



Games Master 




Cleric of King ‘Shroom (Lvl 2) 


Retainer:  Holmund the Mage (Lvl 1) 


Juss Overhere 


Hafling (Lvl 1) 

Retainer: Scutter (Lvl 1 Thief) 



Sir Robert the Fearless 


Fighter (Lvl 1) 

Retainer: Eric (Lvl 0 Human) 


Radlea of Booh 


Halfling (Lvl 1) 





Magic User (Lvl 1) 





Thief (Lvl 1) 





I’d like to say that we started our session in media res, but our beloved GM (now the Professor), tells us the ‘in media res’ is always grammatically wrong and that “it’s in medias res (accusative) if you are going into the middle of things and in mediis rebus (ablative) if you are left in the middle”.  Does that set the tone?  I think so.

You can imagine what fun we have parsing rules or deciding whether the plural of arquebus is arquebi or arqubuses (it’s the latter).  We decided to use hackbut/hackbuts. 

So, we were in mediis rebus... 


The write-up of the previous session is here.  Some might suggest that my note-taking tailed-off towards the end.  I would point out that after Gandalf is killed and the rest of the Fellowship make a fighting exit from the Mines of Moria, they kill a roomful of orcs.  That is covered in a sentence.  I would suggest that we were in a similar situation. 

This Time in the Under-Booh... 




So, after the death of Scruffy and Scutter, we defeated the giant ants.  We made a half-hearted attempt to find their nest in the hope that it was lootable.  However, when we found it, it was far from empty – occupied by numerous creatures the like of which we had seen bite a dwarf in half.  We moved on and found a safe place to camp. 


The next day (Day 4 of the current delve) we continued our trek towards the northwest. 


We were surprised to bump into two new adventurers – Dexter, a thief, and Ballard, a magic user.  They were in the employ of the Tunnel Fighters’ Guide of Booh (for whom the rest of us had previously worked).  We exchanged information.  Hearing from us how dangerous the Under-Booh was proving, and of the rumour about the Clockwork Fortress, they agreed to join with us.  In return, they told us about the Guild’s secret camp – the Lonely Lodge – and entrance into the Under-Booh. 


We did consider leaving the Under-Booh and taking advantage of the Guild’s resources – possibly even travelling back to Booh overground.  After some debate, we decided that the Guild wouldn’t welcome our presence in a ‘secret camp’, and ask too many questions about our current employers.  We were still uncertain about how to handle conflicts between these Halfling factions 


The rest of the day was spent following the same passage to the NW.  It terminated at a crossroads, where we camped for the night.   


Ballard demonstrated an ability to read hitherto hidden Dwarven signs.  These read 


  • “True Gnome” (NE passage) 

  • “Bottomless Shaft” (W passage) 

  • “Black Damp” (S passage) 

  • “Clockwork Factory” (SE passage – the direction we’d come from) 


We realised that if we were to continue looking for the Battle Throne, we’d have to double-back on ourselves.  A whole day (Day 5) was spent doing this, before we camped at the junction with an unexplored passage leading eastwards.   



Again, we were attacked during the night – this time by three giant centipedes.  One was destroyed by Juss’ hackbutt, the others put to Sleep by Holmund before being despatched by Dexter (who was interested in extracting their poison).   


After further rest, what was left of Day 6 was spent travelling east into unexplored territory.