Thursday, 1 October 2020

Gaming in Sep 2020

A very busy month, mainly down to the decision by Dave Aldridge to run his OSE game twice-weekly (with Wednesdays being the 'main' sessions, and Sundays being 'side ones').
  • 2 Sep - Blackmoor (OSE) - Under-Booh
  • 6 Sep - Blackmoor (OSE) - Greenwood
  • 9 Sep - Blackmoor (OSE) - Under-Booh
  • 12 Sep - Board Game night
  • 13 Sep - Blackmoor (OSE) - Greenwood
  • 16 Sep - Blackmore (OSE) - Under-Booh
  • 23 Sep - Blackmore (OSE) - Greenwood
  • 27 Sep - Blackmore (OSE) - Under-Booh
  • 30 Sep - Blackmore (OSE) - Greenwood
Blackmoor (OSE)
  • 2 Sep
In which our band (including Pluteus my Cleric of 'Shroom and his retainer Homund the Mage) carried on with their explorations on behalf of the Booh Guild of Tunnel Fighters.  We discovered that Dave's Blackmoor includes monsters from other genres, and were persuded to ditch the Guild in favour of a gang of young Halflings.

Pluteus thinks he can find someone who 
wants to buy one of these...

  • 6 Sep
Where we ventured into the Greenwood and ended up with a TPK.  Written up here
A Wednesday session, so back into the Under-Booh.  

My cleric met some acolytes of another mushroom cult and joined in their rituals, mastering some extra powers.  We encountered various giant insects and some ridiculously wealthy goblins*.  We were also introduced to ancient Dwarven technology - Long Stick Go BOOM!

*Owing to a misunderstanding of the OSE Treasure Tables...

  • 13 Sep
Another Sunday session, which means another near TPK!  This has caused some soul-searching, but like most disasters, it's down to a mix of bad decisions and bad luck.  

The bad decisions started with the choice to only offer a potential retainer a quarter-share in place of the usual half.  This put us a a penalty with which we were unable to overcome, meaning that we were unable to hire single retainer (and the lack of meat-shields made a real difference).

The bad-luck was exemplified when our thief /scout failed to sneak on the brigand camp he alerted d8 of them.  Of course the GM rolled an 8!

But the real clincher was that these were no ordinary brigands.  They were bloody Reavers, Malcom!

Anyway the survivors were stripped of their kit and thrown down a charnel-well where they met some other nasties. 

In the Under-Booh.  Not very eventful - a couple of encounters, an underground river to cross (without our mule) and a meeting with some Clockwork Creations.
  • 23 Sep

In the Under-Booh.  Meeting some really quite horrid types and rescuing their captives.  Lots of testicular jokes (because there were lots of testacles).  Pluteus has a vision which we subsequently ignore.
  • 27 Sep
In the Greenwood.  We went back to the ruined Abbey of Fitz, in theory to rescue our captive fellows, but mainly to find the piles of loot they'd stumbled across.  

Surprisingly for a Sunday session, we didn't all die (my character wasn't one of the lucky ones).  We actually defeated the Reavers, rescued one of the captives (the other was killed) and got a good portion of the loot.
  • 30 Sep

In which we decide to turn back after our epic (four-session) delve in the Under-Booh.  We surface in the the middle of a secret Hafling camp we're not supposed to know about, had to eat cabbage soup, faced some hard questions, and paid a toll.

Board Games
  • 12 Sep
There were a couple of changes to the planned Games Night with the 'Home Group'*.  First, half opted out on the flimsy excuse of celebrating an anniversary.  That put paid to the idea of finishing off the Call of Cthuhlu game we started last month.  The second plan was for the remaining three of us to play board games at our newly re-openned FLGS.  However, we'd got mixed up, and that wasn't opening until the following Wednesday (we'd been confused by a week of pre-opening trial runs).

*Which I assure you meets following Government guidelines.

Instead, we met chez Diplomatist and had a evening of Catan and convivial conversation.  A very enjoyable night.

Hopefully, we'll be at The Games Table soon (and I'll post about that).

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