Tuesday, 24 August 2021

24 August - Ancient


If I'd kept up with the RPG-word-a-day, one of today's choices would have been 'Ancient'.

I would have chosen this one because today is my 54th birthday.  It's also the 9th anniversary of this blog.  It's hard to avoid the feeling that the time (or at least peak) of blogs has passed (and that podcasts are on the way out too), but that's probably just my extistential crisis talking...


  1. Bah! I thought the #RPGaDay crowd was going the route of Youtube and other video mediums, until I looked at their views and those made my blog look like Google traffic.

    They might phase blogs out like an 8-track and automats, but it's far preferable than a discord channel for what we want to do with it.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy birthday and logiversary!


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