Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Kickstarter Watch: Medieval Marginalia


Link here.

On offer are 12 minis (for £38.00) from Andrew May of Meridian Miniatures and other projects  (with a strong Kickstarter track record), more or less directly copied from the marginal illustrations of medieval manuscripts (do follow the link and compare the minis to the source materials).  It was fully funded in half an hour, and unsurprisingly so.

Here's one of those tempting Kickstarter that's produced a delicious idea, but you wonder if you'll ever use.   I think the answer with this one is that if you had the figures, you'd damn well create a scenario to fit!

Idea: party of adventurers after a hazardous journey through the wilderness are glad to know that their next stop will be at the Abbey of San' Umberto, renowned for its hospitality to travellers (and, the more learned of your party point out, its magnificent library and scriptorium).  But when you arrive, the usual welcoming party isn't waiting...

Now, would you play that as a medieval fantasy (think Dolmenwood or The Midderlands) or a Cthuhlu Dark Ages?  And would you let you're players know which it was?


  1. OOooo. Good ideas for using them. I'm just smitten with all of his kickstarters.

    1. I'm gutted to say that although I thought I'd backed this one, I mustn't have hit the 'confirm' button, and it passed without me signing up.

      But I shall look out for his next.

    2. Drop him a Direct Message. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

      And if you don't get anywhere, let me know, I might be able to get what you're after as add-ons.

      .....there's always a way :)


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