Saturday, 11 December 2021

Gaming in Sep 2021

Still playing catch-up with these summaries!
  • 3 Sep - Wasters Elite (cyberpunk OSE) - on-line
  • 17 Sep - Wasters Elite (cyberpunk OSE) - on-line

Wasters is a third-party hack of the Old School Essentials RPG with a post-apocalytic/cyberpunk setting.  More details can be found on Adversity Games' website here.  

Our playtest of the 'Elite' levels continued.  In effect, we started at Level 9/10 to see how that played as none of our 'Basic' characters had progressed beyond Level 6.

  • 3 Sep

After a long wait (of over a month), the cliffhanger we ended the last session on - being surprised by three Enforcement Bots - turned out to be an anti-climax.  Winning the Initiative and stretching our high-level muscles, we found just how devastating functions can be at that level, being able to disable two of the bots before they were able to act.  The advantage didn't last long, and the last bot standing wasn't a push-over, killing one of our retainers.  The prolonged combat also attached a number of hover bots, but these were soon jammed and picked off one-by-one.

This had all happened as we finished our mission and were about to head home.  The rest of the session was taken-up by a long transit through the Wastes.  During their night watch two off our remaining retainers deserted, taking their loaned equipment as as much loot as they could carry.  We gave serious consideration to putting a contract out on them once we got back to Club Lavender!

We were now down to four PCs and one retainer.  Unfortunately for our reputation, the final retainer was killed in an encounter with The Butch Killers, who set ther attack dogs on us.

  • 17 Sep
For our next job we had the choice of two missions.  One - to kidnap a police lieutenant - we'd be avoiding for weeks, so we chose to destroy some power transformers in a block controlled by one of the Corporations.

As with all these high-level missions, it involved a long trek through the Wastes and several encounters of varying difficulty.  The most challenging took place on the second day and involved a group of four Heavy Loading Bots, perfectly comfortable picking up wrecked cars and throwing them at us.

On reaching the Corporate Compound we weren't surprised to see that it was heavily-guarded, and three combats in quick-succession cost us dearly in retainers.  Eventually, we were able to reach the transformers, only for our Engineer to be killed by a booby-trap while placing breaching charges.

The charges went off, but unsurprisingly all hell broke loose.  A helicopter gunship appeared from nowhere and immediately cut two of our crew in half with fire from its Vulcan cannon.

With only three surviving from our original crew of eight, and massivily out-gunned, our Ronin made an epic Hail-Mary move, using his jet-pad to get close enough to engange the gunship in melee!  Miraculously, this paid off and he was able to do considerable damage to the tail-rotor and down the helicopter!

And that seemed to be a fitting place to end the session...

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