'The Mustaches' and Old Sea Salts

From the Army & Navy Illustrated c.1900

It seems that 'the Mustaches' was the affectionate nick-name used in the 1980s by the Daily Telegraph obituaries desk for the air marshals and brigadiers that were its stock-in-trade ('he campaigned against the Fakir of Ipi...').  This blog will feature them heavily.

I suppose the Mustache par excellence would be Lord Kitchener, but he's a bit mainstream, and I imagine that I'd do posts on more obscure figures.  Some might overlap with the Interesting Obits section (though, sadly, most are past featuring even there), occasionally there might be a Dead Bishop (such as Bishop Brindle) who was a Mustache.  More often, they will be prompted by a photo I come across of some bewhiskered  type done up like a Christmas tree (before the wearing of medals and insignia was regulated down to the last millimetre).

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Bishop Brindle of Nottingham
Duke of Cambridge
Lord Collingwood

Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught
Sir Christopher Craddock
Adm W.N.W. Hewett, VC
Rear Adm R A J Montgomerie
Sir William Parker
Sir Harry Rawson
Sir Beachcroft Towse VC

Sir Arthur Wilson, VC
Sir Francis Younghusband

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