Dead Bishops

Some twenty-odd years ago I studied for a master's degree in nineteenth century church history.  This was deeply unfashionable at the time (though unbeknownst to me I was tapping into a resurgence of interest in the history of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales that was moving away from the obsession with Cardinal Newman).  That being the case, I was able to build up a sizable library on the subject - leading to the original dig about 'dead bishops and smelly old books' - sadly now rotting in my my mother-in-law's garage.

This page will feature the blog posts I make on the subject.  I'm not promising that 'Wednesday is Dead Bishop Day', but we'll see how often they feature.

And just as not all Moustaches have facial hair, not all Dead Bishops were bishops.

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Bishop Brindle of Nottingham

Bishop Casartelli of Salford

Bishop Hampden of Hereford

Cardinal Martini of Milan,-Dean-portrait-72-Westminster-Abbey-copyright-photo.jpg
Dean Stanley of Westminster

Bishop Stanley of Norwich

Archbishop William Temple of Canterbury

Archbishop Ullathorne

Alan B. Webster

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