Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Project for Autumn

As the evenings are becoming longer, my mind has turned to an autumn project.

I already have two on the go - this blog and Howard's MM Project - but these are both computer-based and I feel I want to do something with my hands. Those who know me will already know that I'm not very creative or good at practical things; every so often I feel angst about not being able to draw or design jewelry or make my own furniture.  So sometimes I feel the need to start a little something.

The Story So Far

A modern Britains
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This is more to my taste
About five years ago I went through a phase of being interested in toy soldiers - the 54mm, cast and painted sort that were popular before and between the wars, and are best exemplified by Britains.  Not for me the modern type that are being produced, which are in effect small models, but toys - the kind of thing that used to be lined up on the nursery carpet or used to defend a wooden fort.
That being the case, I thought I might like to have a go at getting some castings and painting them up myself.  Accordingly, I bought myself some from Dorset Soldiers.  I didn't get very far with them and ended up with some in a half-done state.  In addition, my Wife very generously bought me some figures from Tradition of London - these were very superior, so I immediately set them aside as too difficult!

My Wife bought me a camel!  Camels (like Fezes) are Cool!
No longer!  I've decided to pick up the pieces, finish the Dorsets (which are Sudan Wars figures) and have a go a the Traditions.

What's Next?

I could get some more of the same, but my inclination is to try something else.

PLP574 Archaelogical Expedition
What will the archeologists unearth? (Artizan Designs)
There is plenty of stuff out there, mostly for the use of wargamers and RPGers.  I'd like a sci-fi theme, but I'm not a fan of all these muscle-bound guys in powered-suits that have been the vogue since Warhammer and it's ilk came out.  Accordingly, there's VSF (Victorian Science Fiction - the Empire on Mars, and stuff like that), figures inspired by Intrepid Explorers and Beautiful Assistants (battling mummies, traveling to Lost Worlds, etc) and 1930s Mad Scientists and Occult.  Loads of scope then.  The problem is that they all tend to be small scales - 28mm down to 6mm!  These would be a severe challenge to my lack of talent and shaky hands.

Centurion (standing)
Retro Raygun Centurion
Nevertheless, I've taken the plunge and ordered some 28mm figures from Hydra Miniatures' Retro Raygun range, because I like the look of them.  Sadly, the Robot Legion ones are out of stock with their UK supplier, so I've settled for some Flash Gordon types.  I'll see how I get on.  I would have preferred a robot or two...

If I can manage 28mm, then a whole world of possibilities opens up.

However, the brains behind our operation (the Wife) has pointed out that I needn't concentrate on figures at all, but that vehicles on the same scale would be more manageable.  So a future project might involve a steamtank...

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