Sunday, 23 June 2013

I Like It When a Plan Works Out...

I'm sorry for not blogging much this week - I've been a little busy with the research services and The Wife has had to visit her mother, whose had a new knee.  This has impacted on my leisure time...

But there has been opportunity for some fun.

Before The Wife went away I'd bought Pulp Alley as part of my master plan to get her interested in wargaming.

As I've explained before, a prerequisite for this is to remove the 'war' aspect.  She's not keen on squidgy monsters (which rules out most of the Cthulhu Mythos) and, sadly, won't harbour killer robots.  However, back in the day we did share a thing for Intrepid Explorers and she is, among other things, a Lady Archeologist and a Bogart fan, so Pulp Alley seemed just right to get her attention.  And it has.  And oddly, she doesn't seem to mind squiddy (as opposed to squidgy) monsters, so they might very well be making an appearance (as might killer robots....)  [She doesn't read this blog.]

Several discussions on league rosters followed in order to prepare shopping and to-do lists.  'We must have a league with Queen Victoria in it' and 'So I can have a Viking as a side-kick, right?'  [This prompted a discussion of the possibility of having Doctor Who and Companions.  It's not going to happen.]  I agreed that it was perfectly possible to have the Viking, as he is likely to be one of the survivors of a Lost Colony found in the Far North who joined the league due to the debt of honour he owes the leader.

I had planned to spend this week-end ignoring any work or household tasks and to work on the Aeronef, but I had a bit of a rush job come in yesterday.  In the end, I only found this afternoon available for such 'mucking about'. So, thinking of the wise man who said that you can never have too much terrain, I knocked up some crude fencing, an even cruder outhouse and a couple of ponds.  You never know when you might need a fence, a pond or an outhouse...

Anyone know who does 28mm ducks?
I even resurrected my pyramid scheme.  Sadly though, an attempt to give it a sandstone look is more akin to apricot!  [Was it John Hurt or Jeremy Irons who got into trouble with the Irish authorities for painting his castle pink?]

Part of the master plan of getting The Wife involved is that she will then teach me crafty techniques...


  1. Great post, as for the 28mm ducks have a Gander at these!!

    1. Thanks Andrew!

      I see they also do a Ninja Duck with nunchucks and a Killer Penguin!

  2. I am somewhat taken by those duck ponds, very splendid. Not sure where to get ducks from, but how about model railway accessories? Very cunning to get the dear lady wife involved too, I normally find painting something cute and fluffy dies it for me!

    1. Cute and fluffy? Like your zombie chicken, you mean?

      Thanks for the kind words about the ponds. The self-adhesive tufts you recommended have made the difference.


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