Saturday, 8 June 2013

"So, What's An Aeronef?" The Wife Said

At heart I'm a double-sided sticky-tape and toilet roll sorta guy, so I like to read people's adventures in scratch-building.  "One day," I thought, "I'll have a go at that..."

An Insect-Class river gunboat - HMS Fly, I think

This is the kind of thing I'd like to be able to build!  I once took a two-year job in a museum partly because it had one of the best collections of ships' models on display in the country...

One one of my trawls of local charity shops I got some goodies.

40p well spent!

Dinosaurs put to one side for later fun and two minutes with a screwdriver later, I have some interesting looking bits and the start of a little project.  (Also a little box labelled 'Screws: Small, Phillips' if you'd believe The Wife!).

Having removed the screw casings and attached a deck, I found that the vessel was a little too small for 28mm figures, but that it suited a HAT Gardner Gun Gun and crew I had.  I was also getting an African Queen vibe

But I wanted something a little more substantial - I also wanted a VSF aerial craft.  Needing to beef it up, I did what every scratch-builder must do - head for the gash bin. 

In my case, the gash bin is a gash drawer in my Well-Appointed Shed

I needed more bits!

Various configurations were tried.  I wanted a boiler and smokestack, and it occurred to me that the Gardner would need to be positioned so that it could be used both in aerial combat and in air-to-ground work. 

Therefore I decided on a flying bridge with a pair of Gardners - this freed up the bow for some main armament.  The bridge would also serve a place for the binnacle, ship's wheel and look-outs.

This bridge is too big - I'm looking at smaller solutions

I'm currently thinking about railings - rope, chain or canvas?  I'm currently inclined to canvas if I get it to work.

And looking at inspiration in some of my favorite places...

"Well Done Condor!"

To be continued...


  1. Looking forward to seeing how she turns out sir!

  2. Great start Edwin, for the canvas I'm thinking build the framework and then use tinfoil.

    1. Would window blind material be too thick? I've got some off cuts...

    2. Yes, I considered that - it would certainly get the look of that b/w photo.

      I've been playing around with different options this afternoon.

    3. Thanks for the suggestion Jon.


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