Sunday, 30 June 2013

More Terrain

Following my adventures with fences last week, I've continued to concentrate on terrain this weekendThe Wife expressed amazement that I could use a craft knife without bleeding*.

I've been building some terraced housing based on a 'How To' on Matakishi's Tea House and am quite pleased with the results so far.  There's also quite a handy site for generating pdfs of brickwork I'll be trying out. 

However, our gaming is going to be based in Egypt and the Middle East for the near future, so I've been working on my generic pyramids and need to put together a suitable village and oasis.

The postman was very kind and helped by delivering these on Saturday morning

These are from Scotia Grendel Productions, and I'm quite pleased with then despite the fact that the casts will require a little cleaning up.  I'll certainly be buying more of their scenics.

They also have a range of nice beasties in their fantasy range.  I couldn't resist getting this...

And while in town on Thursday, I nipped into Oxfam and bought his cousin for 99p.

Quite impressive even with 58mm figures

She who is closest to me now informs me that I need to build a Nautilus (preferably with lots of rivets and brass bits!).

*On her return from her trip away, The Wife looked at what I'd done and asked two questions:
"Why on earth would we want all those fences and ponds?"
"Just how many lollipops have you eaten?"

Now the world can see what endears her to me...

On the other hand, when I was taking the old cassette off the strimmer to see what kind I needed to buy, she also said "Well, if you paint that black and add some rivets..."


  1. Sounds like a wonderful double act! Off to check out that link, I feel the urge for a deep sea beastie.

  2. Well, try Oxfam first Michael ;-)


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