Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Sunday Round-Up

Sorry the posts have been a bit uneven lately.  I've been quite busy and a little tired.

Last weekend we had a visit from The Wife's aunt, which necessitated a deep clean (beforehand).  She's left her car with us she's gone on holiday, which means she'll be back...

Things to report:-

  • I've got a back-log of commissions for the research service.
  • I'm working on an article on awards of the Merchant Navy Medal for bravery afloat, which the editor of the LSARS journal is enthusiastic about and tells me will be the lead in the Feb 2014 number.
  • Prince August have reintroduced their 'Mould of the Day' offer.  Each day a different mould is half-price.  They're also promising a big offer to mark the first anniversary of their website on Weds 16th Oct, but won't tell us about it until Monday.  They are also producers of Mithral Miniatures and are offering free (almost worldwide) postage on orders over 50 Euros until 15 October.
Stop Press!
  • And here's a give-away that missed the deadline for inclusion above.  Palouse Wargaming Journal is celebrating its first anniversary with some great prizes.


  1. looking forward to next week
    Peace James

  2. Good round-up, thanks.

    Have fun with the 'tutorial' and relax. You'll be surprised what you can achieve if you don't try too hard. ;O)

  3. Sounds as if you've got your hands full - a great mugshot too!

  4. Good round up Edwin, I'll have a look around at some of those!


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