Thursday, 31 October 2013

New Lead and WIP

It's been a tiresome working week.

I've not been feeling too well, and got seriously behind schedule with a couple of commissions.  Luckily one (now completed) was for an understanding friend and regular customer.  But I had to postpone a visit to London and also been having problems with e-mails rebounding on me.  All very frustrating...

Hobby time to the rescue!

A parcel arrived today from the lovely people at North Star/Artizan 

They're for my Egyptian Pulp project.  I think these will do
for my Cairo Police unit (including the elusive Gaffir) and 
a few other characters who I'm sure will be fun.

And the brushes were even out last weekend!

I was quite pleased with the results

I'm looking forward to tackling the new pieces.


  1. Nothing like a spot of retail therapy to banish the blues. Now did I spy a dinosaur in the third photograph? Oh I do hope so.

    1. No dinos on the table - too many hunters there! Rest assured, there are dinos about though!

      I think you spot the Lovecraftian fishmen from Black Cat. They are going to double up for Lost Worlds lizard men.

  2. Painting Desk looking good and well impressed with your results
    Peace James

    1. Thank you. Your pointers and encouragement did wonders!

      Still to try out the washes.

  3. Lookin' good sir! Hope all is well now :)

    1. Thank you Jon.

      Looking forward to the weekend :)

  4. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Painting's a good way to raise the spirits.

    Nice work!

  5. Good old Artizan, the cure for almost any minor ailment. NB. Not to be taken internally! Looking forward to seeing the rozzers painted up...

  6. Nice paint work Edwin, I always find it lifts my spirits if I can motivate myself


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