Monday 14 October 2013

Pulp Loves Halloween!

Following a useful tip from LAF I went shopping today.

I tried the Poundshop, but didn't see anything today.  (Got The Wife some chocolate.)  I certainly didn't see these.

Wikos proved better hunting ground.  Not only did I spot the recommended packs of insects and bats, but I also got some giant cockroaches.  They had mice/rats as well - Giant Rat of Sumatra, anyone?  These are 65p per packet, or £1.00 for two.

I think giant bats and cockroaches spell out Extreme Peril, don't you?

'Bagged the blighter!'

Heading over to the toy section, I also spotted  some dinosaurs for £1.00.

I feel a Lost World adventure coming on - especially after reading this AAR.

Sainsbury's also have some nice skulls - a bag of 8 for £1.95.


  1. Great find a touch of paint and these will be ace for the table top
    Peace James

  2. You can never have enough rubber dinosaurs!

  3. Plenty of fabulous terrain building madness coming up then.

    1. Oh yes.

      The Wife allowed me to get the big boy scissors out this after to make a cardcraft mummy's tomb!

    2. But for Lost World terrain, I'm planning to try my garlic tree idea.

      Eric the Shed has had some fun with expanding foam - the lava look would suit Lost World, I think.

  4. Good shopping. If you have dinosaurs, I recommend the rules "Eat Hitler; a Nazi Taste Treat." Each player runs a dino and tries to eat as many time traveling Nazi's as possible.
    Although Pulp ain't bad either.

    1. Yes, I follow the Pulp Action Library on Facebook, but I've never downloaded their rules.


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