Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Chances to Get Nice Stuff (And It's All For Charity)

Some rather good things are happening.

One of Gary's
Bloggers for Charity

As I mentioned the other day +Gary Amos has kindly donated some very nicely painted figures to BfC and is organising a charity auction.  The details are here.  The auction is running from today until Thursday 10 Oct.

Wargames and Walking Charity Raffle

Over at Wargames and Walking the annual raffle in aid of the Royal British Legion is about to begin.  There are no details on how to enter yet, but the interim list of sponsors is impressive.  One to support.


I'm awaiting news on whether my nephew and his mates at doing anything for Movember, as they did last year, but he is tweeting that's he shaved last night...  I'll update you.


  1. Really strange. Wargames and Walking has disappeared from my blogs list. Back on now, but no apparent reason.

    Thanks for the plug by the way.


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