Saturday, 19 October 2013

Meanwhile, Somewhere Near the Valley of the Kings

The only question now is how to get the booty passed the Cairo Customs and the Police's finest....*

The Bimbashi always gets his man!

This is my first attempt at the cardcraft Mummy's Tomb by Fat Dragon I downloaded from the Wargames Vault - in fact my first attempt at any cardcraft scenery at all. 

It's rough and ready, but certainly has potential.  I'll have another attempt once I've got myself more card, but I think I'll dispense with some of the modularity, add another pair of wall sections to increase the play area and do the floor a different way (at the moment it's pasted to pizza bases).

*This Blog does not advocate the looting of cultural heritage.


  1. Splendid, a very nice work!

  2. Looking good sir! Never tried card buildings myself - but that looks the business!

    1. Well it's nice to be able to put something together in a couple of hours and for a well under a fiver!

      There are some nice rural buildings by Dave Graffam that would suit rural Herefordshire.

  3. Now they are rather splendid, bravo Sir.

  4. Looks great. The card building came out very well.

  5. Nice work Edwin, looks the part

  6. That is rather impressive looking. Well done sir.

  7. I used to be quite 'snobbish' about card buildings until I had a go at some a few years ago. Now I'm a convert, but they don't stand p to my clumsiness (gravity is my natural enemy).

    I didn't realise these were card until I read the text. Pretty damn good!

  8. Double awesome post. I love the tomb, and now I know where to get it.


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