Friday 8 November 2013


Well!  At last a 'Month' that I can get along with!

Now we've done with Orctober and Zomtober, the great Mr Awdry has declared it DINOvember.

First he did a transformation

of these... these

And now he's presented us with these darlings...

Now my mind is a buzzing.  What can I do?

Well, thanks to the generous of heart, I already have one set of Dino-Hunters.
  • I need to finish painting my other set.
  • I need to finish my half-done pterosaur 
  • I can assess my existing dino-herd
  • I need some suitable Lost World terrain
  • I can go shopping!!!
  • And read, of course!
And if that isn't enough to keep me occupied for the next three weeks, I can dig out my other Lost World fauna and include that.

"Everything's more fun with dinosaurs"


  1. Oh Edwin, I am humbled! Dinovember was only supposed to be a piece of self indulgent frippery, that said I am delighted that you feel inspired to jump on board - fabulous news! That list looks like great fun!

    1. Ah, but your every obiter dictum is like law to us lesser mortals!

      Now we need a snazzy logo.


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