Saturday 16 November 2013

Saturday WIP

I had thought to post some photos of the painting table/workdesk as a Saturday regular, as suggested by Sofie's Painting Blog but I've been rather disheartened by this week's progress.  Despite my declaration to spend November on things Dinosaur, I thought to finish my Cairo SID members.  So far, these are far from successful (white suits anyone?), so I haven't done anything since Tues.

I had done some work on one of the big-game hunters though, so I suppose that's a nod in the direction of Dinovember.  Another is that I've taken advantage of Fat Dragon Games' 30% off sale (ends on Monday) to get a cardstock Mole (suitable for getting to Lost Worlds at the Centre of the Earth) for $4.19.  They also have a nice aerial steam carriage for the same price.  If you do go to rpgnow to check these out, make sure you also have a look at the free stuff!  I got some more of the Dave Graffam free building kits.


  1. that is a fair amount of hobby work Edwin, we all have weeks where we dont get as much done as we would like but something is better than nowt as they say

  2. You've done more than I've done this month mate! I've spent most of my spare time bothering the national archives website!

  3. Oh it'll pass. I go through periods of inertia which last weeks. Best thing is not to worry about it and certainly not to feel any guilt. That's when a hobby needs an overhaul.
    I'm just on the way out of the painting doldrums (he says hopefully), having become bored to death as a result of doing just over a hundred 15mm Napoleonic Austrians and then starting on those damn' WSS French. Too much white - I thought I was going snow blind!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. 'Disheartened' was perhaps the wrong word - I'm not feeling bad about it, it's just that I put the brushes down after having a frustrating session, and haven't got around to picking them up again.

    I'm now thinking about the Analogue Painting Challenge...


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