Thursday, 7 November 2013

From the Painting Table...

This week hasn't been a good one for painting.

On Sunday it was sunny enough for me to put the washing out and go to the Shed of Delights to prime some figures.  Then, after walking the dog I was a little tired and went upstairs for a nap.  When I woke up it was dark and raining on both the washing and figures.  Since then I've been suffering from a horrible cold.  I tried to put brush to lead on Tuesday, but made a horrible mess.

Today I seem to have got over the worse of it, and I feel much better.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can therefore present Lubbock and Agrippa.

If I carry on posting like this, my photography will improve along with my painting!

I suspect that I'm not alone in enjoying painting a figure more when I have an idea of its character.

To my mind, Lubbock hasn't always been a Gentleman's Gentleman.  No doubt he was someone's batman, but I'm almost sure that he was at some stage a Jelly Man.  To be honest, he probably owes something to Magersfontein Lugg in Margery Allingham's Campion stories, though sadly not as played by the late lamented Brian Glover (giving miniatures such a haircut is beyond my rudimentary conversion skills!).  Oddly enough, another of the figures I primed looks a lot like that other great Yorkshireman, Pete Postlethwaite: when I paint him up I'll be able to tell you my Postlethwaite anecdote.

Agrippa on the other hand is like a big teddy bear - he'll rip your face off and steal your marmalade sandwiches.


  1. Nice work! I admire your determination too. When I've got a cold I'm not in the mood for anything.

    1. Thanks Gary.

      Don't get me wrong though, I didn't get anything done until today. The butler was 90% finished from last week, so it was only a case of doing the dogge.

  2. Lovely job Edwin and I couldn't agree more about considering the character of the miniature that one is painting. That is probably way I only manage to paint so few at a time.

    1. Thank you Michael.

      And that's why you win painting competitions too... ;-)

    2. I seem to have fallen into the same trap of late. That aside, Michael is absolutely correct and these are lovely mate.

    3. Thanks Millsy.

      The boost from +James Brewerton's visit encouraged me to set time aside to sit down and paint.

  3. Lubbock does indeed look the epitome of Gentlemanlyness!


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