Saturday, 23 November 2013

Saturday WIP #2

First, a welcome to peter.bonami of Peter's Cave, who has just signed up as a follower.

I'm really going to have to stop using Dastardly Belgians as villains...

Secondly, it's time for the weekly workbench picture (inspired by Sofie's Paint Blog).

Most of the hobby time this week has gone into having a look through my lead pile as, after signing up for the painting challenge I had the dreadful feeling that I hadn't got enough figures and would have to get some in.  I also had to consider how I could tell The Wife that I wouldn't start painting her nephew's Christmas pressie until 15 Dec!

I needed have worried as I'd forgotten that I bought a job lot as 'expendables' for honing my painting skills on (which is how I'm intending to use the challenge).  I might have to buy more khaki and German grey paint though!

The whole point was to work out what points target to set myself.  After a couple of day's vacillation I decided against going bat-shit crazy and have plumped for...

500 points

Before the challenge I've got to finish off my Sihks, the big game hunters and my Cairo SID unit.  They're all there in the picture, in the same state as I left them last week.

Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy the Dr Who Anniversary!


  1. 500 points? Excellent, I'll mark you in!

    'Bat-shit Crazy'? That is understood and duly noted as well...

  2. Thanks for entering the paint table saturday!
    Greetings, Sofie

  3. Nice spot for painting. Natural light is a real blessing. You look to have the same interests as we do at 50mmgameroom, and have been blogging for a similar time. Looking forward to following you.

    1. Well this is my winter spot. In the summer I work in the Shed of Delights. My lovely wife is allowing me to leave all my stuff out!

      Welcome to the blog. Your's looks interesting too.

  4. I like the idea of Bat shit crazy!!! my 1000 points means I am possibly knee deep in guano!!

  5. I'm still trying to figure it out. After reading Twin Cities Gamer's post I'm probably not going to buy more stuff for the competition. I have so much unloved lead and plastic that it behooves me to paint it during the challenge. I've got a lot of prep work to do.

    1. I think the challenge is a good incentive to do things you've been meaning to get around to (and also clear the cupboards for some more goddies!)

      Best of luck Sean!

  6. I have a Mad Belgian as a Main Baddie in my VSF games. Herr Doktor Professor Otto Maton, the Mechanickal Madman, and Would-Be Solar Emperor.

  7. That is a mighty fine spot you have there Edwin and some interesting looking shiny goodies! I am curious as to what looks like lolly pop sticks stuck into grass!

  8. Dastardly, villains and Belgians doesn't work together! The bravest of all Galliers we are! :-D
    Thanks for the welcome Edwin, and good luck in the challenge!



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