Saturday, 22 March 2014

Analogue Painting Challenge Overview

First, I need to add my voice to the praises for Curt.  Despite the fact that there were 60 challengers (more than twice last year's figure) he managed to run a tight ship with prompt updates and scores, even for the bonus rounds.  In addition, he managed to do some pretty cool painting!

Secondly, the rest of the gang need to be mentioned.  The quality of the submissions was outstanding and inspiring; often amusing and wonderfully varied in subject matter.  But more importantly, the spirit in which the Challenge was conducted was unfailingly good-natured (even during the blip that was 'Spidergate').  No submission was made without being welcomed by a host of compliments.  Even that supposed home of banter and 'badger'-baiting, the Facebook Group, didn't have any unpleasantness:  I'm glad to see that the group will continue.

My reflections...

Despite the Challenge being based on quantity rather than quality, I was a little apprehensive in deciding to join it.  For the reasons indicated above, I need not have worried.  It was a blast, and I enjoyed every minute!

I'm not sure if my painting has improved any, but the experience and support from my fellow challengers (and you, dear readers!) has certainly boosted my confidence in my abilities.  I will never match some of the high-fliers, but I'm perfectly happy with where I am and where I'm going.

I certainly hope to be able to take part again.  Perhaps I'll go for 1K!

The numbers thing...

My target was 500 points (which was a stab in the dark).  In the end I reached 829 and was placed 27th on the table.  I didn't go in it for the points, but it's pleasing to reach such respectable figures - of course I got a great fillip (350 points) from meeting a personal goal of entering all the bonus rounds.

So What Did I Paint?

No grand plans or spreadsheets for me!  I had a vague idea of what I wanted to paint, and I'd thought about the different bonus rounds, but mainly it was just what I fancied.  Things were mainly painted in the order they were submitted, if you want to imagine a progression.

Click on the links for my description and more pics...


  1. Very well put Edwin and congratulations

  2. Congratulations Edwin on surviving your first Challenge :)

    You certainly produced some great work

  3. Well done Edwin. Professor Morrison is superb and still makes me laugh.

  4. Some great entries there Edwin, now if you had only had the "usual suspects" to go with captain Renaud !

  5. Well said Edwin.
    Welcome to the challenge aftermath, haha.
    Some lovely stuff there Edwin and well done.

  6. It's great to look back at all of these entry's.
    It was my first time as well.

  7. Great work!
    The Challenge has become my favorite hobby event of the year. Now I need to get back to replenishing the lead pile for next year!

  8. Great body of work for the contest. I enjoyed seeing each of your entries.

  9. Fabulous sentiments and more importantly a great array of miniatures. Delighted that you had so much fun, here's to next year.

  10. It was a pleasure to have you with us this year Edwin. I'm delighted that the Challenge exceeded your expectations and provided impetus for your hobby.

    Prof Morrison is still one of my favourites...


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