Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wednesday Welcome

A warm welcome to new follower Peter Douglas.

I can't see a blog for you Peter, but if you have one, let me know and I'll link to it.


Well, as you will see in the comments below, Peter is behind the Single Handed Admiral, which enables me to include a picture

The most famous single handed admiral is Lord Nelson, but this is John Pascoe Grenfell, who took the track favoured by several RN officers in the disappointingly peaceful 1820s and sold his services to South Americans.

Now the painting challenge is over, I must do some more biogs of admirals...


  1. Edwin
    You can find my blog at
    You might recognize the rate from the Analog paiting Chalenge.

    1. Of course, sorry. For some reason it doesn't show up on your Blogger profile.

  2. Admiral Sir Raymond Lygo KCB - good man to start with. He used to sign my leave chits when he was a Rear Admiral as Flag Officer Carriers and Amphibious Ships. Considered such things far too important to leave to flag lieutenants. Crossed the bar 7th March 2012. One of the most decent chaps I've ever met and I never heard of anyone who had a bad word for him.


  3. O.K., never heard of anyone who had a bad word for him except for a few politicians. That's a hell of a state of grace! ;O)


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