Friday, 7 March 2014

Day in the Life Of...

I've nothing interesting to blog about, so I thought I'd tell you about my day.

It started later than it should have as The Wife had a bad night and didn't sleep much.  We have to do a deep clean this weekend to help with her breathing.   But coffee beckoned and then an hour or so catching up with e-mail, my blog-feed, forums I'm a member of and Facebook.

It had been raining overnight, but by the time I took the dog for his walk we had beautiful blue skies and sunshine.  The walk ended up in our favourite coffee-shop (with our favourite staff on duty today).  Zeppo was devastated to find that I'd forgotten to bring his box of treats and (unsuccessfully) tried to persuade me that a Scotch egg would do instead.  I had a couple of flat whites and read the local paper, in which I learned that there was going to be an interesting-sounding one-day conference marking the centenary of WWI (including a paper on the Ottomans at war 1912-1922) and that an exhibition has started of photos of medieval memorials from East Anglia churches.  I reminded myself that I hadn't posted any interesting obits lately, though I'd read a couple of candidates.

After lunch I did a Post Office run and then had to go and see a man about some books - ending up with a bag of things to add to the sales list when I update it this weekend.

A little job for the weekend

As I was in town (I can't bring myself to say 'in the City' as locals do!) I mooched around the pound shops to see if there was anything that could be converted into gaming goodies: sadly there wasn't.  I then popped into my local toy/model shop for some paints and a look around.  I considered going to a new wargaming shop I've heard has opened, but decided that it was too far to go given I still had to get something for supper.  So I got something for supper...

Home and collapse of stout party.  Revival by tea and toast.

I sat down and wrote a research report for a guy interested in a brigadier killed in action in Sep 1918 - I'll need to visit the National Archives to do some further work on him next week.

After that, I cooked a delicious supper and The Wife and I settled down to tv and laptops.  

And that, ladies and gentlemen is how it rolls being the Depressive Diplomatist...


  1. Too much coffee is barely enough.

    And remainder and discount shops are a rich seam of gamery goodness. Always something which can be hacked apart and reassembled in a new form!

  2. A glimpse intoa routine day is interesting enough!

  3. Marginally better than mine - I'll have to borrow your dog!

  4. I'm struggling to find anything in this I wouldn't want to do myself - oh no wait "We have to do a deep clean this weekend", there it is! Other than that, sounds perfect!

    1. Well, it's better than working for a living (apart from not having anything to live on).

  5. A Dog is essential to a human's well being, as is a competent barrista. Looks like you have both boxes checked off there so you're doing great.


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