Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Perils of Running With Scissors...


Don't Keep the Flesh-Eating Virus in the Fridge Next to the Milk...


Did You Remember the Lead Shielding, Igor?

My latest submission to the Analogue Painting Challenge was billed as Prof Morrison before and after The Incident.

I'm pleased to say that it's done it's job and tickled a few funny-bones.  Do go across to the Challenge page and read the comments.  When I submitted it, Curt suggested that a rear-view mirror would be an good addition to the 'bot!  There was some question as to what the red globe is:  The Wife suggests that he's supporting Red Nose Day.

The Before figure is 'Dr Curfew' from Artizan's Thrilling Tales range. The idea of having him as a villain rather than as kindly old scientist appeals to me, but of course he could be either.

I do like the Thrilling Tales range more and more with each figure I paint, and I'm regretting not getting their New Year offer of a goody-bag of random figures for £20.00 - but I just didn't have the spare cash after Christmas :-(

The brain-'bot is the 'Brain in jar on tracks' from Black Cat Bases and was a I've-got-to-have-one-of those! purchase along with a few of their other little 'bots.  It's a shame that Black Cat are no longer honouring their orders as they've got some nice weird stuff I'd like to get in.

After taking the photos I dropped the 'bot and had to get the superglue out yet again!!!


  1. A great entry Edwin which made me smile a lot

  2. Edwin, this is a wonderful piece; perfectly executed and laugh-out-loud funny. Loved the series of alternative titles as well!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm with Evan. "The perils of running with scissors" made me laugh out loud. Well done Edwin.

  3. Great idea, but the thought of running with scissors goes through me - always has.

    Oh yeah, no pun intended!


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