Friday, 24 April 2015

Shiny! (Or Its Resin Equivalent)

On Monday I was notified by a sharp-eyed Friend of the Blog (thanks Christopher!) that I had won a draw being held on the Pigeon Guard Games Facebook page.  I high-tailed over there, gave them my details and yesterday morning received this splendid guy.

He's BigT (surely Tony) a Wise Guy with a distinct Jersey or Miami feel.  He's very nicely sculpted by Ian Mountain.  I understand from the Pigeon Guard website that he may eventually be cast in metal, but for the moment there is only a limited edition run of 100 (mine is number 20) in resin.  The spare hand isn't giving you the finger, but is holding a cigar.

I'm not sure what to do with him - he'd obviously be at hope in a modern city (capping Zombies or facing-off to Batman?), but that's not my scene.  My initial idea was to put in in that box 'for when I do a Blog giveaway', but I've decided he's far to nice for that!  Even The Wife was rather taken with him.  But now we need to find Paulie Walnuts.


  1. Shiny indeed! Nice figure!

  2. That's a nice figure. You should have fun painting him.

  3. Nice model! I've linked your article in my own about Big T -


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