Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The History of Wargaming Project

Earlier in the week John Curry put an interesting post on the History of Wargaming Blog outlining various options for the future of the Project.

It seems that there are no shortage of interesting options, and John has thrown them out for comment.  I'm rather surprised therefore that there haven't been any comments so far.  I urge my wargaming readers to go across there and chip in (knowing my readership I suspect you'll all clamour for more from the Paddy Griffiths ouvre rather than NHS emergency planning!).

A declaration of interest - Diplomatist Books sells publications of the History of Wargaming Project in our Modeling and Wargaming category.


  1. I went and let my thoughts be known on the subject.

    ...and it looks like I'm your Blog's 100th Follower!

    1. I thought you'd been a follower for ages!

    2. Me too! A churlish oversight on my part

  2. I popped my tuppence worth in too.Thanks for alerting me to the debate.


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