Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Terrain Tuesday #2

OK, it's Wednesday, but it was a Bank Holiday...

My idea of having a weekly terrain post to prompt me to do some regular painting failed this week, but was rescued by a couple of serendipitous charity shop finds this morning.

With a Grendel Scotia tomb entrance
There a bit big, but that the point of monuments - monumental.

And I got a book on the art of Tintin as well...


  1. A couple of very useful acquisitions

    My last charity shop purchases were three non-fiction paperbacks
    Roy Porter - Enlightenment [50P]
    Jeremy Paxman - The Victorians [£1]
    Giles Milton - Big Chief Elizabeth [£1]
    All in excellent condition [only slight slight creasing to the spine].

  2. They look brilliant! Great find!

  3. Great luck here! I've been looking for a suitably sized sphinx (say that 3 times fast!) for my SAGA Crusades games. I've not been as lucky as you!

    1. Not charity shop prices, but Fenris do several sphinxes

      Giant -!/FGEGY5-Giant-Ruined-Sphinx/p/48336897

      Just head -!/FGEGY2-Ruined-sphinx-head/p/10903132

      Buried -!/FGDBEGY120-120mm-DS-round-Karnak/p/12312555

      You may remember I have one of their ruined statues -

  4. Some great finds there, and I look forward to seeing them in play - so let it be written! So let it be done!
    ; )

  5. Very nice pieces. A great find.

  6. Great finds.
    I'm always on the look-out when I visit flea-markets and such. Sometimes you're in luck.

  7. I couldn't agree more, you need your monuments to command awe and inspiration as our heroes come across them.


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